Payment Options For Your New Website

There are a number of options to choose from to integrate payments on your website but we highly recommend paystack.

Open up your customers to limitless payment options and gain a support system that wants your business to grow. You don’t have to let your customers struggle, with a few clicks they would be able to make payments directly from your website to your account.

This amazing integration helps customers pay a lot faster and with great confidence. Paystack helps business owners, like you, accept payments online. Providing simple but powerful business tools, Paystack allows you to run your business profitably. From startups to government agencies, Paystack currently processes more than 50% of all online payments in Nigeria.


Here is how it goes

  • Sign up

It takes less than 5 minutes on the Paystack website or mobile app.

  • Start accepting real payments

Start accepting real payments from all over the world, and grow your business.

  • Get fair pricing

Paystack only makes money when you do. For local transactions, they charge as little as 1.5% per transaction.

Why Paystack?

  • Manage your business from the Paystack Merchant app on your phone.
  • Enjoy quick access to a reliable support team that wants to help your business grow.
  • Accept payments on major shopping platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

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